Kukinpot’s Co-founders Francis and Afua who also double as a couple have a special appeal for good, fresh, tasty, and healthy foods. Influenced by her background and ethnicity as a ‘Fante’ (Ghana’s no.1 tribe mostly associated with a strong appeal for tasty dishes…lol) and the only daughter of a caterer and dietitian mother, Afua grew up spending most of her time in her mom’s restaurants.
With a rich background in Management, HR and Marketing; Francis complements Afua’s live-long experience in the kitchen as a Venture Capitalist, credited with the ability to innovate, groom and sustain businesses.
Hence, leading to the commercialization of what his wife loves most; cooking. Asked by their friends during a family day-out what the most familiar sound in their home was, Francis jokingly replied “cooking pots of cause!”; upon which everyone couldn’t help but laugh at his sense of humour. Consequently, birthing the brand name ‘KUKINPOT’ when the couple settled on the idea of a restaurant.